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Fall 2018 Leaf and Yard Debris
Collection Program

The Fall Leaf and Yard Debris Collection Program will commence the second week of October.  The Town will be divided into five (5) sections and each section will have a brush pick-up on the first day of the scheduled week for that area, weather permitting.  Leaves and brush will be picked up concurrently.

For Brush collection:

All brush must be out for pick-up on the first day of the scheduled week for the section.  Absolutely no brush will be collected once a section is marked as completed.  Residents are advised that there will be no more than one brush pick-up per household.  If for some reason you are missed you MUST contact the Department of Public Works via e-mail publicworks@bhtwp.com or telephone 464-0427 within 24 hours.  This is assumed that your neighbor’s debris is gone but yours is not.  Sections will be marked completed by crew lead men and double checked by department foremen; we ask that you kindly do not put out additional brush after the Department has cleaned your neighborhood, as it will not be picked up.

The only accepted brush will be sticks and branches less than four inches (4”) in diameter, five feet (5’) in length, tied and bundled with twine.  We will be going through sections street-by-street with a large machine and a bucket that can grab multiple pieces of debris- having them bundled together means we can move more brush with fewer movements and make the entire process more efficient for everyone.

Piles will be rejected for the presence of lumber, building materials, leaves, roots, stumps, briars, vines, badly decayed branches, dirt, rocks and metal.   They will also be rejected if they are bundled with anything other than twine. Please be advised that including these items can cause damage to equipment and physical harm to personnel.  If your pile is rejected you can call within 24 hours of that rejection and we will return when you have removed the offending materials.

Section #4 – October 9th through October 19th

Section #3 – October 22nd through November 2nd

Section #2 – November 5th through November 16th

Section #1 – November 19th through December 4th

Section #5 – December 5th through December 19th

For Leaf collection:

Leaves should be put into paper bags and left curb side, accessible by machine.  We use a process of loading the leaves into a compacting truck body in order to clean an area safely and efficiently.  Please do not include any other type of debris in your leaf bags. 

Leaf collection will continue across all sections for the duration of the cleanup program, we understand that volume can be intermittent and that one week you may have no leaves and the next everything is ready to be cleaned up.  The program is scheduled to end on Friday, December 19th.  Please anticipate having your leaves bagged and placed curb side at least two weeks before this date so that we are able to pick them up in a timely fashion.

For a breakdown of the sections by road list, please click HERE.


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