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Mayor’s Comments on King’s Redevelopment

The “King’s” property evolved into its proposed residential development as a direct result of our Township’s required response to the Superior Court ordered adherence to COAH requirements.  The developer originally sought a four story 180 unit residential project with no off-sight improvements.  Through serious and lengthy negotiations by your Township’s representatives and professionals we reached a Court approved settlement as follows: A three story 150 unit residential project with over 7,500 sq ft of amenities, and courtyards. The building will now be totally enclosed with all parking under the structure.  Sherman from Lone Pine to Plainfield will be developed with a new widened paver sidewalk, lights, benches and trash receptacles.  This will truly commence the “revitalization” of our downtown with an attractive pedestrian walkway.  This will be a major benefit to our downtown businesses.  Please attend the Planning Board meeting on May 16th where a formal presentation is expected.

The Superior Court has lauded the “Berkeley Heights Plan” and Judge Camille Kenny personally advised me that she considers our submittal as a model for all other communities needing to address the COAH issue.  The hard work is now hopefully coming to fruition however we will be vigilant in overseeing the representatives of this project as well as many others that will soon be before the Planning Board.  Congratulations Berkeley Heights!

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